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Punta Mulas Lighthouse in Isabel Segunda

Vieques      Culebra      East Puerto Rico

After a quick dinghy trip from dock to yacht, an orientation and refreshments, we’re off to enjoy our excursion. From Vieques we sail out of either Isabel Segunda or Esperanza, or Ensenada Honda depending on general weather and sea conditions. They are a shortinexpensive Público ride from each other. From Culebra, we meet at or near the Dinghy Dock. Before our sail, we will email and text you our specific departure location. If you have any questions do not hesitate to email or call!

Sailing is a delightful and profound way to know a coastline or island. There are a few important aspects to know before boarding in order to fully enjoy your trip:

  • we book groups until we reach six total passengers per trip. If you wish, you can Book the Boat to have an exclusive trip for up to six passengers.
  • there is a short climb onto the dinghy from the dock and another one up the boarding ladder to Avalon‘s deck. If you can climb up and down a four-foot ladder on your own, this should be no problem.
  • motion-sickness is easily prevented through a variety of very affordable means. If you have not experienced sailing on the sea, we strongly recommend consulting your physician or pharmacist to choose a remedy. We cannot prescribe medicine aboard!
  • be sure to use and pack your sunscreen!
  • it may get wet from rain showers or spray, although it generally stays warm here in the tropics. If you wish to stay dry, bringing a light raincoat or shell is advisable. If we are on a swimming or snorkeling trip, you may want to bring a towel.
  • we provide basic snorkel gear and floatation devices for those who want or require it, but if you have a favorite kit of gear, please bring it. If you have a mustache or facial hair that covers the area beneath the snorkel mask, it may prevent a good seal.
  • let us know if you have any concerns, conditions or questions. We want this experience to become one of your very best times visiting our islands!

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